6 comments on “Taken from 2BAware – my interactive self awareness workshop

  1. Ian Gardner says:

    With minor reservations with regard to detail this is correct.
    The fact that you have selected it to post here is an indication that you recognise this as the reality even if that recognition is at a subconscious level.

  2. Friend, I believe I have seen you before. Are you a Vipassana meditator?

  3. My sweet mama, mother-in-law read books on the third eye which she shared with me. Also her mother had a Ouija board that we’d gather round. It wasn’t the game kind but a wooden apparatus with wheels and a pencil. She’d write upside down, sometimes in a foreign tongue we’d have to have translated. She talked the whole time the board wrote. Quite an experience. I enjoyed your blog and will follow.

  4. Laal says:

    Thoughtful and fun. Thanks for sharing these. I really appreciate your succinctness and the diagrams.

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